mFino is a pioneer in Digital Banking, Mobile Financial Services, Payments and Commerce. Headquartered in Cupertino, California, mFino empowers financial institutions across the world with a highly flexible, secure and scalable platform that delivers complex functionality quickly. The mFino platform is a product of more than a hundred man years of R&D and is designed to maximize revenue for service providers by delivering new-age banking and financial services.

Some of the world’s largest and fastest growing financial institutions leverage mFino solutions that accelerate revenue growth, enhance customer loyalty, cut across market segments and deliver greater cost efficiencies.  mFino offers a wide range of solutions in one single platform, including Mobile Banking, Internet Banking, Agency Banking, Mobile Wallet, NFC Contactless Payments, Social payments, Mobile Commerce and much more.

Any channel
Don’t let your customers be hindered with their choice of interaction. Be it a text, call, web phone, smart phone, PC, POS, NFC, call center, or an ATM, be ready to leverage any channel.

Any payment method
mFino is the first agile banking, MFS and commerce platform that enables the delivery of a full spectrum of financial services to meet the current and future needs of financial institutions, mobile operators, distributors, and retailers. mFino made possible one of the largest mobile money deployments in the world with more than 6,000,000+ subscribers, 5000+ merchants and 15000+ agents.

mFino has made deep investments in understanding current bottlenecks, adoption and usage curves in mobile banking, mobile wallet, and commerce systems around the world. mFino has focused on optimizing usability for years to build a platform that provides enhanced user experience and maximizes revenue for service providers everywhere.

mFino has become a key long term strategy for Financial Institutions, Mobile Network Operators (MNO) and retailers worldwide. mFino platform provides 360° approach to the mobile financial eco-system. While making MFS operational, mFino has delivered unprecedented growth in Adoption, Usage and Retention.