The Best Way to Predict the Future is
to Create It

Who we are

We are pioneers in Digital Banking, Mobile Financial Services, Payments and Commerce. mFino provides customised solutions for some of the world’s largest and fastest growing financial institutions to accelerate revenue growth, enhance customer loyalty, cut across market segments and deliver greater cost efficiency. We offer a wide range of fintech solutions on one single platform, including Mobile Banking, Internet Banking, Agency Banking, Mobile Wallet, NFC Contactless Payments, Social Payments, Mobile Commerce and much more.

What we do

Through a highly flexible, secure and scalable Cloud API Platform, mFino delivers complex fintech functionalities efficiently. We are committed to empowering financial institutions, mobile operators and retailers across the world to deploy engaging and omnichannel digital experiences for their customers. With deep customisation and extreme agility at its core, the mFino platform brings financial innovation within the reach of any institution, anywhere.

Our mission

We envision a world in which financial services are ubiquitous and weaved seamlessly into the background of our lives. Since “the best way to predict the future is to create it”, we are deeply committed to delivering the next generation of experiences for banking, payments and commerce systems around the world.