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Today’s Customer

Financial services have entered the digital age in a big way. Customers are using their devices (mobile and desktop) to manage their money, make payments and to make purchases. All of this together can be called Everyday Banking.

However, what happens if you only provide a piece of that requirement? What if you only provide traditional banking services? What if you only provide a niche commerce solution? Chances are that your customers will use other vendors for the missing services they need. And that those other vendors might soon try to grab all of the customer’s business.

That’s why mFino has created a platform that delivers the best of both worlds: Traditional Banking services and strong cutting edge Agile Banking, MFS and Commerce capabilities.

We give you the ability to address more of the customer’s financial life through:

•  Offer an everyday bank strategy that covers more of what your customer’s     financial needs.

•  Apply digital technologies in new ways and offer tangible value to customers based     on transaction information.
•  Collaboration.
•  Position banking at the center of an extended “ecosystem” that offers consumer     benefits beyond traditional banking.