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mFino Advantage

Most mobile financial services vendors are stuck in phase 1.

They are doing the first things that you would expect: building mobile solutions that only deliver MFS to mobile phones. The issue is that while this problem has already been solved by a wide variety of vendors, they are still on the same path. Focus is good, but technology in general and mobile in particular is a winding path of rapidly changing industry.

mFino realizes this, and that is why we have the most powerful solution in the marketplace today. It delivers mobile financial services to any phone, any channel with any payment method. It provides the ultimate flexibility that allows Mobile Network Operators and Banks to choose their approach to the market based on business needs instead of technological limitations. mFino proves its high scalability through one of the world’s largest and most comprehensive mobile deployments.

But, mFino is a next generation, phase 2, solution. We solve the operational mobile delivery problems of today, and we also enable Mobile Network Operators and Banks to focus on the revenue and retention problems that stand between them and mobile financial services’ success.
We offer solutions like:

  • mFino Enterprise for a highly scalable and flexible mobile wallet
  • mFino Touch for retail NFC solutions that shorten the distance between intent and purchase
  • mFino Fusion enables financial convergence through the fusion of mobile money networks with traditional payment networks
  • mFino Share which personalizes mobile transactions through social networking
  • mFino Sales which makes mobile the preferred sales channel through targeted promotions and sales

mFino offers solutions that take you beyond phase 1 into greater adoption, revenue and loyalty.