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Mobile Wallet Solutions for MNOs, Banks and Retailers

The mFino Mobile Financial Services platform provides a powerful way for service providers to increase their revenue and retention through targeted Mobile Wallet services. mFino is a comprehensive platform that allows service providers to choose how they offer their mobile financial services. mFino works with:

Any phoneText, web, smart phone

Any payment methodCash, debit card, credit card, bank account, stored value card, e-money and carrier billing

Any channelMobile, PC, retail, NFC, call center, ATM

Product Line

mFino provides a highly scalable platform that meets increasing subscriber volumes through seasonal peaks and as adoption grows. It offers the following modules:

mFino EnterprisemFino Enterprise is a digital incarnation of the physical wallet with unlimited pockets for subscriber financial instruments (such as credit cards, debit cards, cash, eMoney, sva, checks, coupons, loyalty points, tickets etc) conveniently and securely on their mobile phones.

mFino TouchmFino Touch gives your customers the ability to tap and go using any mobile phone. It’s the convenience of an online purchase with the advantages of being in the store. At mFino Touch-enabled merchants, attendants ring up the purchase and subscribers simply tap their phones on the NFC-enabled terminal to make the purchase. Just tap and go. It speeds customers on their way with the convenience of easily accessible and never forgotten receipts.

mFino FusionEnables mobile payments at retail locations with any new merchant or user equipment. mFino Connect allows mobile-to-mobile transactions and companion card-enabled transactions.

mFino SharemFino Share allows mobile subscribers to transact with friends and family more easily than possible before.

mFino SalesmFino Sales allows you to drive demand/sales through user profile, interest, purchase and location-based targeting. Increase the size of sales, fill gaps in demand through loyalty points, coupons and alerts. Move from bulk messaging to sending the right offer to the right person.


Increase revenue and share of customer by offering new servicesMobile Wallet services offer the potential of moving Mobile Operators from reliance on commodity voice and per minute data services into new mobile financial services. Through a mobile phone, financial services can be efficiently delivered to mobile subscribers through 4 billion mobile phones and operate as a far more effective channel than a bank branch or ATM possibly could. With a variety of payment methods, mobile financial services can appeal to a wide array of mobile subscribers including the banked and the unbanked.

Reduce customer churn through easy to use mobile financial servicesMobile Operators face high customer churn as customers price shop or choose providers based on handsets. Through mobile financial services, Mobile Operators have the ability to offer new services to their customers that, in the case of the unbanked, (‘that’ deleted) they cannot get elsewhere. With mFino, Mobile Operators have access to a wide variety of innovation including NFC in mFino Touch to shorten the distance between intention and purchase, and mFino Share to personalize mobile transactions through social network integration.