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The mFino platform provides an open, highly flexible, scalable and ultimately proven platform on which to run a wide variety of Agile Banking, MFS and Commerce applications.

Key platform attributes include:

Deploy once, reach most major mobile OSs mFino allows Financial Institutions and MNOs to reach almost all of their customers. With support for text messaging, mobile web and rich client applications, mFino delivers mobile services to almost all phones from basic mobile phones to the latest smart phones.

Leverage existing system investments mFino provides a rich set of published APIs that allows powerful integration with existing enterprise investments.

Scalable to meet peak demand mFino offers proven message bus technology to effectively manage financial transactions all the way up to peak load.

Standards-based and proven mFino's technology is based on proven open source technology that has over 18 years of high volume financial transactions under its belt.

Easily configurable to get to market quickly mFino enables system designers to easily configure and quickly deploy a platform which is reliable, sustainable, and profitable.

Fault tolerant to server failures mFino eliminates even the smallest chance of data loss or disruption by automatic creation of a new secondary virtual machine after failover, to ensure continuous protection to the application.

Multitenant mFino platform lets multiple tenants share the same applications and/or resources with security, reliability, and consistent performance.

Deploy hosted or as a premise solution mFino delivers its platform the way that you want it with the option to leverage mFino's SaaS offering, or a premised-based software solution.