Light Weight   |   Fast to Deploy   |   Easy to Use

Deep customization and extreme configurability of the platform allows you to build complex fintech functionality faster without an army of consultants


mFino’s platform is a product of seven years of research, learning and experience gained from working with global banking and payment institutions. Being on the cusp of Fintech’s evolution, we have both been challenged and humbled by the ever changing dynamics of the industry. As a reaction to traditional ways in which banking industry works, our architecture is designed with extreme flexibility and configurability at its core. Bank-grade features are incorporated in a lightweight and flexible package to increase usability and make it more secure and fault tolerant.

mFino has been consistently innovating and pursuing excellence in design to meet ever changing market dynamics and equip our customers with the latest capabilities. mFino has been recognized with the prestigious ‘Kalahari Award’ for innovative work done in the Mobile Financial Services space in Africa consecutively for 3 years in a row.

Programmable and Agile

mFino AFEL (Advanced Fintech Expression Language) is a programming methodology and language, introduced to address the pressing need for increased agility in financial application development.

AFEL’s language constructs reduce the amount of programming effort needed for integrations, customizations and new service development. It is largely configuration driven and can be injected directly into the application environment to be interpreted during run-time – this means that integrations, customizations and new service rollouts can be done in an agile manner without the encumbrances of traditional software development lifecycle processes.

mFino’s platform contains customizable AFEL components that:

  • Get you to market as quickly as possible
  • Can be deployed, updated and managed with zero/minimal coding, enabling service providers to innovate, gain market share and ensure customer delight
  • Allow quick, rules-based configuration of processes like on-boarding, approvals (including maker-checker), charges, fees, commissions and tax management
  • Provide rapidly configurable customer/subscriber, agent, merchant and administrator applications for Web, mobile (iPhone, Android, Blackberry 10, STK, J2ME, SMS), mPOS, POS, ATM, and other channels
  • Offer a highly scalable and fault-tolerant message bus architecture

Bank Grade

Applications benefit from being built on a bank grade platform with components that include a general ledger, interest computation engine, CASA/Deposit/Loan modules, transaction engine, reconciliation, reporting, invoicing and more. A sound banking foundation provides a depth of functionalities along with an uncompromising security framework, robustness, fault tolerance and compliance with regulations that benefit both banks as well as non-bank institutions like mobile operators and retailers.


mFino offers multi-functional capabilities with rich banking, mobile financial services, payments and commerce capabilities baked in that can be combined and leveraged whether you’re a mobile operator, bank, retailer or deal with money/payments in any other form. This makes it possible to pick and choose from a larger catalogue of product features, offer value added services and leverage novel features in your applications like location based services, loyalty solutions, everyday commerce, social banking and logins, etc…

Open Architecture

mFino has a modular architecture with open API support for extensibility. The open architecture allows adding, upgrading and swapping components easy. This makes it especially easy to embed 3rd Party Apps (e.g., Uber, Amazon, Open table) user experience inside your ecosystem instead of getting marginalized and just being a payment instrument at the end of a transaction.

Integration Framework

The mFino platform has an EAI framework built right into the product, unlike most other purpose built solutions, making it easier to build a vibrant partner ecosystem of banks, billers, aggregators, agents, merchants, payment networks. The complex task of integrating disparate systems is automated through our self-integrating capability, so new partners can be brought on board with the agility your business expects while reducing the time, effort and cost to go to market.

Analytics Rich

Leverage big data, analytics and visualization capabilities to keep you well ahead of your customers’ needs. Actionable analytics help profile the customer, better target him with customized services, increase success rate of cross-sales while making banking more personalized and delightful. mFino Big Data engine processes large volumes of transaction and customer data help design and drive marketing activities to increase customer engagement and loyalty.

App Factory

mFino App Factory quickly customizes your solution to your exact requirements without an army of consultants or programmers. Your business and project teams remain in control of the product and can respond quickly to changing requirements and market conditions. They can update the application, including adding/removing features and fine tune the user experience through a UI driven interface with minimal development dependencies.