mFino understands that security is important in all aspects of delivering financial services to mobile devices. That is why the mFino Mobile Financial Services platform is designed around comprehensive security capabilities.

These capabilities include:

Authentication helps ensure that the person on the other end is who they say they are. mFino integrates with existing enterprise authentication systems to ensure that logins and passwords meet enterprise standards. mFino also allows for two-factor authentication that enables the user to be authenticated by the unique ID of their phone in addition to their user name and password.

Transport encryption
Communication from mFino to the Mobile Operator or Financial Institution is encrypted using SSL encryption to ensure no can read or intercept sensitive customer financial data. This same encryption is used for mFino’s browser-based applications.

Login attempt lockout
mFino administrators can set the number of incorrect login attempts allowed before a user is locked out of the system.

Obscured account numbers
Account numbers displayed in mFino’s mobile handset applications are obscured through nicknames to ensure that no one can intercept the account number when transported over SMS or when the account is displayed on the mobile phone.

Security APIs
Every financial services institution and mobile network operator has its own security policies and best practices. mFino includes standards-based security APIs that provide the flexibility to support unique enterprise security models.

mFino allows you to apply the right security to the right device and activity.