Social media shall help banks in mining their customers’ social networking activities to deliver highly targeted offers and promotions. For example, it would be as easy as offering a vehicle loan to a client whose status update says they are buying a new car. Customers’ social data could play a role in determining a more accurate picture of their financial health than credit scores. Customers no longer have to leave their Facebook page to do banking. They can do everyday banking through their social media account. mFino enables customers to do transactions through their Facebook account where they can pay their friend that amount they owe for dinner, or send their mother a gift on Mothers Day, or even transfer funds to their children to pay for their school term fees, buy airtime and even more. It enables customers to check their account summary, get a mini statement, apply for email statement, upgrade their debit card, request for a cheque book.

Customers need not remember that 16 digit account number of their friend or even ask for it as they just need their friend’s mobile number or email address to send money to them. Customers need not worry about security as everyday transactions will be conducted through social media apps that will enable the bank to verify credentials and serve up balance information and payment functionality using the social network’s authentication system. Social networking is going to be a game changer for banks and mFino the enabler of Social Banking.


How many times have you seen potential customers walk by your retail store or restaurant not even turn their head to notice the sale going on. As a business owner there is no better time to grab a customer’s attention than when they are literally right on top of you. That is what makes a Geofence and Location Based Service so powerful. mFino’s Location Based Service solution uses the geographic location details of customers to increase customer engagement. It helps to get potential customers to walk into your stores and increase footfalls, or get alerts when your High Networth customers are within the vicinity of your bank branch, When LBS enabled device enters a geofence, the potential customer’ device receives a generated notification, such as a message that a sale or event is happening nearby.

mFino’s LBS solution helps in improving ROI, increase customer loyalty and reduce operational expenses.


Have you ever wondered how easy life would have been if it allowed you to carry just one card but allow you to have the benefits of all the cards that you have using just one card? Yes, such a card exists and mFino has made it possible through its One Card. mFino’s One Card can be used in place of all other cards. One Card can replace different cards like driving license, credit cards, debit cards, loyalty cards, identity cards, payment card, discount card and gift card. One Card is a physical version of mFino’s Mobile Wallet. It is intended for circumstances when customers cannot use their mobile wallet due to lack of necessary support for mobile wallets at merchant terminals. One Card will also enable the users to get access to special deals as well as exclusive offers for instant redemption.

mFino Mobile Financial Services

mFino Mobile Financial Services Platform consists of:


mFino has developed a very comprehensive set of handset applications that runs on any smart phone as well as feature phones. mFino supports various access channels such as USSD, STK, SMS etc for enhancing transaction capabilities of the handset application.

mFino has been lauded by its customers across the globe for developing a trendsetter application which has a very rich user interface and is easy to use. mFino handset application has been developed with an objective of reducing the number of clicks and navigations for giving the customers a rich and enhanced user experience.