mFino’s MFS platform is a digital incarnation of the physical wallet with unlimited pockets for subscriber financial instruments (such as credit cards, debit cards, cash, eMoney, SVA, carrier billing, coupons, loyalty points, tickets etc) available conveniently and securely on your mobile phone. It is:

It is a powerful platform that delivers a wide array of financial services to any phone. It combines mobile wallet and mobile banking capabilities in a single package. It works in cash cultures and incorporates new technologies like NFC. It is internationalized and multi-tenant, allowing you to configure your deployment for your business needs.

Quickly deployable
It gets you to market quickly with a templatized approach for quickly changing attributes across users and subscribers. A comprehensive and well-defined API that allows for quick integration to key business systems. Web-based interfaces allow for quick user and system management.

The result of real world experience and needs
mFino was built in partnership with a Telco, Bank and a merchant network, to empower MNOs to deliver a complete MFS solution. As a result, it supports services for the banked and unbanked, MNO-led and Bank-led models, and trusted service provider deployments.

mFino offers a powerful and results driven Mobile Wallet solution that creates targeted customer interactions on any mobile phone.
It delivers the following features:

Account Self-Service
Provide complete account access. Account self-service access including: account usage, transaction history, pending transactions and more.

Create alerts that drive customer action. Alerts can be based on account activity (e.g. transaction confirmations, low minute warning), user settings (e.g. tell me if my available minutes fall below 1 hour), security (e.g. unusual activity alert), and on customer service/marketing goals (e.g. changes to account terms, cross sell/ upsell). Alerts allow customers to easily and securely act on information.

Receive due bill notification and pay bills on the go. Make payments from deposit, credit, stored value accounts and your wireless account.

Cross-sell/ Upsell
Active Alerts create in-the-moment sales opportunities by notifying customers of important account activity, and introducing new or enhanced sales and service opportunities at the moment of need.

Pay companies and people from your cell phone when other payment methods are impractical. Bill to your wireless account.

Mini Statements
Provide end of day statements to keep active customers on top of all their daily account activity.

Mobile Wallet
Lets customers access all their money in one place, includes the ability to access their bank accounts, credit cards, stored value cards and pre-paid cards in a single location. Buy goods and services from your phone. The mFino mobile wallet also provides customers with unprecedented mobile money access by allowing money to be added or taken out from ATMs and merchant retail locations.

Open New Accounts
Provide the ability to get started on and complete the account open process on their phone. Allow existing customers to open new deposit accounts and line or loan accounts. Allow new customers to apply for deposit accounts online.

P2P Payments
Make P2P payments from deposit, credit, stored value accounts and your wireless account.

Remittances and Transfers
Transfer money and minutes between people and accounts.

mFino security provides secure access while keeping unauthorized parties out. Customers can actively participate in fraud mitigation by verifying the legitimacy of mobile transactions and securing mobile transactions with out-of-band, multi-factor authentication.

Add money to your wireless account from your credit card, your debit card or stored value account. Add money to your account or to someone else’s account.