Financial Convergence through mFino Fusion

mFino Fusion enables an enhanced financial infrastructure through the fusion of mobile money networks with traditional payment networks. mFino Fusion enables Branchless Banking, Cardless ATM access, MFS Card and other functionalities as well. mFino provides its customers with affordable, unprecedented, anytime, anywhere access to financial services in a safe and secure manner.

Branchless Banking
mFino Fusion helps in increasing customer outreach and access to financial services for the unbanked and underbanked. mFino extends the distribution of financial services by reducing the cost of delivery for financial institutions and by reducing the cost to customers for accessing financial services. Retailers act as agents that facilitate cash handling and customer due diligence for account opening.

Cardless ATM Access
mFino Fusion enables customers to initiate a transaction on their mobile phone with an option to either withdraw from an ATM or an agent. Customers shall receive a Fund Access Code on their mobile phone, which they can key into the ATM for cash withdrawal. mFino Fusion gives its customers the flexibility to access financial services even in the absence of an agent.

One Card
mFino One Card is mobile-driven retail payments that work with what merchants and consumers already have. No new phones, no new POS systems are required. It just works.

One Card links to the consumers’ mobile wallet, and allow them to make a payment for a good or service using the merchant’s existing POS equipment. In essence they are the card version of the mobile wallet. Just swipe and sign, and the transaction is charged to the default payment method.

Consumers can buy groceries, flowers, movie tickets, lunch or fill up their tank at retail without the need of carrying cash, credit cards or their debit card. For MNOs and Banks, this is a great opportunity to increase mobile money transactions and adoption through a solution that can work in almost all retail environments.