Drive mobile commerce revenue with mFino Sales

As all merchants know, retail sales is more than just showing up. Customers have many options in where they buy and what they buy, and merchants work hard to earn every sale. Why should it be any different on a mobile phone?

Yet today’s mobile commerce vendors believe that simply adding the ability to buy through our mobile phone is enough. They don’t provide the tools that merchants and MNOs need to drive sales. They don’t provide a solution that combines push messaging, location-based services, a mobile wallet for the banked and unbanked with retail payment options for all merchant needs.

Just like retail commerce, mobile commerce needs to relevant to the consumer. Why promote a store that is not nearby? Why promote coffee to a person who only drinks tea? Do you give the same incentives to prospects and customers? The bottom line is that mobile commerce needs to drive action.

mFino Sales delivers.
mFino Sales gives merchants the ability to drive sales through coupons, loyalty programs, location-based services and a wide variety of retail purchasing solutions. The combination of these services provides unique targeted offers that drive sales in ways that mass market SMS messages will never achieve.

And, mFino puts this powerful solution in the hands of Mobile Network Operators and Banks so that they can become the preferred mobile to retail purchasing channel.