Personalize mcommerce through social connections with mFino Share

Purchases often come down to trust and relationships. Maybe we’ve bought it before. Because we know it, and like it, we’ll buy it again. Or, maybe someone we trust has bought it. Or, enough people recommend it and give it a good rating.

If it’s a product, it may be a gift for someone else. If it’s a meal, it may be split between friends. And, it may be allowance money, money owed to someone else, or money for someone making a purchase on your behalf.

We have a lot of relationships in our lives, but phones assume that we live solitary lives where all transactions are unique.

All that is about to change

mFino Share combines subscriber social connections making it easy to share money and purchases. It pulls in contacts from Facebook, Twitter, or other social networking services allowing you to:

  • Make a remittance
  • Transfer money
  • Split a retail bill
  • Gift airtime
  • Create a gift card
  • Pay an allowance

It makes commerce transactions simpler and more intuitive for subscribers. It leverages the social environment that today’s user expect to create – a richer, more connected experience than just a basic financial transaction. Pick a name, choose what you want to do, and complete a secure transaction.

For MNOs, mFino Share increases transaction volume and introduces them to a whole new set of prospects to whom they can market.

A richer, more connected experience than just financial transactions.