Get rid of lines with mFino Touch tap and go retail payments

Customers are used to purchasing with cash, checks and credit cards. Typically, that involves carrying cash into the store, bringing a book of checks and carrying one or more credit cards. To make the purchase, the customer gets in line, count up the cash, writes and presents the check, signs the credit card slip, gets the receipt and heads out. The longer the line, the more (the) opportunity for the customer (and those behind him) to get a second thought and abandon their purchase for later, if they come back at all. And, of course the more steps involved in the purchase itself, the less likely it is to occur. Shortening the distance between desire and checkout is the key to success. And, that is doubly true when trying to convert subscribers over to mobile purchasing.

Why do your best customers get the long line like everyone else? Why can’t everything be as fast and easy as an online purchase?

With mFino Touch, it is

mFino Touch gives your customers the ability to tap and go using any mobile phone. It’s the convenience of an online purchase with the touch and feel of being in a store. At mFino Touch-enabled merchants, attendants ring up the purchase and consumers with NFC-enabled cell phones simply tap their phones on the NFC-enabled terminal to make the purchase. Just tap and go. It speeds you on your way with the added convenience of easily accessible and never forgotten receipts.


  • The subscribers tap their phone on the terminal to present their credentials and make the purchase.
  • Users confirm purchase on the phone by entering their mobile PIN.


  • Integrates with subscriber mobile wallets.
  • Available through any phone.
  • Subscribers can choose their payment method or use their default.
  • Simplicity and speed – It’s as simple and fast as online shopping, but in the retail store.
  • Tap the phone, enter the security PIN, and the transaction is complete.


  • No SMS or other channel required.
  • Simply tap phone on terminal and confirm the purchase.