Banking today requires the customer to go to the bank. Customers visit a branch. Customers go to an ATM. Customers mail in a deposit.

Customers call a call center. Customers login to online banking. Each of these channels requires the customer to take the initiative. Each of these channels requires customers to spend time driving, or walking somewhere or waiting until they have time to go to their finances. However, because the average person works more hours than 10 years ago, finding the time to make the journey to the bank to manage their finances is even more difficult.

However, with over four times as many phones in circulation as PCs, and with customers leaving their mobile phones on and near for over 15 hours out of every day, mobile provides unique opportunities to reach today’s customers. Mobile provides an important opportunity to break free from inconvenient, high cost, reactive channels and take a more proactive approach that can reduce delivery expense, increase sales effectiveness, increase retention and attract the next generation of customers.

mFino Mobile Banking with Active Alerts allows financial services institutions to interact with customers using mobile messaging, web or rich clients. And, through notifications that bring the bank to the user, financial services institutions can increase customer interaction, create stronger customer relationships and ultimately increase retention.