mFino Mobile Wallet Solution

mFino Mobile Wallet provides a simpler digital payments experience. Allow your customers to make payments effortlessly, smartly manage their personal finances (PFM-Personal Finance Management), increase service adoption, usage and thereby boost your ARPU. Realize the vision of a cashless economy.  Enhance customer loyalty and retention

Key Differentiators

  • Highly scalable and expressly designed to enable accelerated service adoption
  • Self-registration capability using eKYC and document management system
  • Multiple access mechanisms like Web, WAP, App, SMS, IVR, USSD
  • Built on open APIs to enable easy development



  • Secure Transfer
  • Multi-Currency Support
  • Compliance
  • Multiple send and receive functionality

P2P Transfers                        

  • Seamless Social Integration
  • Beneficiary Management
  • Send via mobile number, email, or social media

Social Payments

  • Split bills with groups
  • Pool funds for shared activity or purpose

Bill Pay

  • Inter-operable Bill Payments
  • Payment through multiple source pockets

P2M Cashless Payments

  • Quickly Integrate merchants
  • Security through token-based payments

Contactless Payments and Wearables

  • Supports stickers, digital watches, NFC
  • Manage geo-spacial commerce uses

Loyalty Programs

  • Campaigns and consumer offers
  • Full range of usage analytics

Hospitality Programs

  • Use Hotel key card to make payments
  • No hurdle of foreign currency


  • Electronic ticketing with contactless payment
  • Integrate taxi services to book and pay for cabs

Welfare and Vouchers

  • Distribute welfare vouchers seamlessly
  • Set Up rules for purchase or exercise

Government Services and Taxes

  • Create a secure experience between government and citizens
  • Collect property and income taxes
  • Enforce dates and deadlines


  • Donate directly to charities of choice
  • Monitor and track disbursement through tokenization

Unique Value Propositions

  • Entry to Commerce
    • Digitize customers’ shopping experience | Enriched retail experience | In-built lifestyle app | Easy on-boarding of merchants | Location based marketing | Identity management | Social engagement
  • Flexible Set-Up
    • Easy integration with third-party apps | Integrate with every possible mode like NFC, QR Code and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
  • Easy Customization of Products
    • Set rules | Customize as per your product suite
  • Integrated Digital Experiences
    • Contextual awareness | Interactive dashboard for customers | Seamless navigation across tabs
  • Analytics Rich
    • Consumer profiling | Sentiment analysis | Customized marketing | Loyalty programs

Value to your Customer

Provide a Unified Customer Experience: mFino mobile wallet seamlessly works on all platforms and can easily be integrated with HCE, BLE, contactless solutions. Its cross-channel orchestration enables seamless omni-channel interaction and increases customers’ loyalty.

Be the Preferred Choice of Millennials: On the go shopping, movies or coffee with friends, mFino Wallet allows your service become an integral part of every millennial’s day.

Win Customer Loyalty with Customized Choices and Loyalties: Push customized ads to customers based on their spending patterns and location and launch loyalty programs and special offers to targeted segments to enhance sales and loyalty.

Tap the High on Move Customer: Enable virtual shopping experience where high on the move customers can use QR scans to shop virtually and add products to their shopping carts and pay online or using NFC, without interacting with system.