mFino Omnichannel Banking

Deliver a delightful and modern customer experience across all of your channels with mFino Omnichannel Banking.

Beyond anytime, anywhere banking is banking that can create a deeper and more personalized engagement with customers. mFino Omnichannel Banking enables banks to achieve this possibility by connecting existing siloed channels, integrating disparate data sources, presenting actionable analytics, delivering a modern cross-channel user experience and providing the flexibility to innovate and add functionality through a plug and play integration framework.

Features of Omnichannel Banking

  • Truly Omnichannel – Connect and integrate all digital and physical channels including web, mobile, wearables, IVR, ATMs and branches
  • Delightful User Experience – Modern user experience with seamless cross-channel handoffs for transactions and originations
  • Analytics Rich – Leverage data from transactional and CRM systems for holistic 360° customer views and real-time insights to power personalized banking
  • Seamless Integration – Plug and play additional mFino or 3rd party modules while staying in control of the customer experience. Available mFino modules include P2P transfers, Personal Finance Management, contactless payments, social media banking, chatbot customer care, everyday commerce and lifestyle (ie Uber, OpenTable) and more

Benefits of going Omnichannel with mFino

  • Improved customer satisfaction, loyalty and lifetime value resulting from a smoother, more personalized experience at all customer touchpoints
  • Minimize investment and risk by layering on top of your existing systems through a powerful ESB and Integration framework
  • Reduced time to market via plug and play modular approach – release cycles measured in days and weeks, not months
  • Open architecture enables banks with an innovation or fast adoption mindset to add new services and differentiate in an increasingly competitive market
  • 360° customer view with big data engine for actionable customer analytics – increase cross-sell and upsell conversions by offering the right products to customers precisely when they need them
  • Unify channels and data for improved efficiencies, simpler maintenance and better customer support
  • Full control over customization of apps and features through mFino AppFactory to achieve branding and business objectives